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Snap Frames - Assembled and Unassembled

Free Shipping on Many Assembled & Unassembled Snap Frames

Aluminum Snap Frames Smaller Than 24" x 36": Ships Assembled and Ready to Mount

Snap Frame Sizes 24" x 36" and Larger: Ships Un-Assembled (Except Radius Corners)

All Mitered Snap Frames Over 24" x 36" can be shipped assembled, if requested. Contact our customer service team for a quote.

Large and oversized Snap Frames are slim lightweight frames and can flex when fully assembled. Additional packaging is required to protect these large sizes during shipping. Additional UPS, FedEx or Freight charges will apply.

Easy Assembly on Location

Our Poster Snap Frames and Snap Open Sign Frames are assembled at Retail Stores, Corporate Offices, Institutions, Manufacturing Facilities and many other locations. Assembling on site may be worth the savings for many companies, especially for sizeable orders or when shipping to multiple locations such as retail store chains.

Snap Frame Assembly Instructions

Or watch our assembly video.

Remove Wrapped Snap Frame Rails From BoxUnwrap Snap Frame Rails and Rails with HardwarePlace Hardware Corners into Ends of Mitered Frame RailsJoin Mitered Corners. Hardware Slides Into SlotsUse Philips Screwdriver and Tighten Screws on HardwareRepeat until All Four Mitered Corners are Joined